Soulbonds are characters who occupy my being in some way, or with whom I communicate on a regular basis.

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These soulbonds are currently active.

[ORIGINAL] A game show host with a shocking personality. From my story series Electricopolis.
[BONANZA BROS.] The younger Bonanza Bro. Stealthy, slimy, and smart-mouthed. (website)
[BONANZA BROS.] The older Bonanza Bro. More down-to-earth than Robo, and good in a fight, too. (website)
[DRAGON QUEST] A black-hearted ruler of monsters. He commands his dark forces from his base in Charlock Castle.
[DYNAMITE HEADDY] The star of a puppet show. Sometimes cranky, but with a strong sense of justice.
[POP'N MUSIC] A ghostly gentleman from Venice, Italy, who makes and collects puppets and dolls.


These soulbonds aren't as chatty as the others, but can still be called upon if needed.

The leader of Dr. Eggman's elite security force, the Hard Boiled Heavies.
[SPELUNKER WORLD] A pro explorer with an attitude and an ample supply of bombs.
[PUNCH-OUT!!] A boxer from Hollywood, California.
[NAMCO] The dot-chomping ghost buster who needs no introduction.
[FFIX] A long-forgotten eidolon happy to share its knowledge & power.
[LEGEND OF LEGACY] The cheerful and optimistic prince of the Frog Clan.


These soulbonds are uninterested in participating, or are unable to be reached.

[LET IT DIE] A mannequin who works as a conductor and assistant on the Tokyo Death Metro.
[BATMAN] A wooden mobster from the mean streets of Gotham.


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